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Holberton partners with Sayna to open the doors of software development to everyone in Madagascar

We are very proud and excited to announce that we have partnered with SAYNA, The first African Edtech & IT micro job platform based in Madagascar, to bring quality tech education to this new and unique market.

Founded in Madagascar in 2018, SAYNA, which means ‘intelligence’ in Malagasy, is Africa’s first technology education and IT micro job platform. SAYNA links a community of developers it has trained with IT projects that have been broken down into micro tasks. SAYNA has already trained more than 200 students, and works with more than 150 qualified freelancers and more than 60 companies, including Groupe AXIAN, Orange Madagascar, World Bank, Access Bank and others. 

As elsewhere in 2020, online education boomed In Madagascar as many people lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic and sought retraining. Meanwhile, Madagascar’s demand for software developers has exploded. SAYNA decided it was time to help bridge this gap by offering an affordable, high-quality tech education that would lead to jobs and have a positive economic impact on the country.

We have worked with SAYNA to create three, tailored, full-stack web curriculums thanks to our OS of education. Depending on their background and goals, students and professionals will be able to apply to:

  • The Fighter program: a 12-month, flexible, part-time program to become a web developer
  • The Student program: a 24-month, full-time program to become a software engineer
  • The Executive program: a 9-month program for developers to specialize in new technologies

SAYNA is not only a school, it is also an African IT micro job platform, with many local and international clients. They also work with the World Bank on many impactful projects.

We were also very impressed by their disruptive model. While their students learn new technologies, they are able to work at the same time on micro projects that the platform gives them. That permits students to not only work on real world projects, but also be paid while studying. The more the students learn and the better they perform during their studies, the more access they have to micro-jobs and to physical spaces with high-end computers and great internet connectivity.

With this partnership, Matina Razafimahefa, CEO of SAYNA, wants to train 500 new software developers this year alone and grow exponentially from there. But she is also looking to make an impact on the local community. Giving everyone in Madagascar access to high-quality software engineering training has the potential to help Madagascar’s economic growth and will also develop the local startup ecosystem.

Let’s do this Matina!

Are you in Madagascar and interested in becoming a software developer and participating in creating the future? Apply here!